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Get the answers to your questions!

Isn’t this work dusty?

Yes, it is true. Hardwood floor refinishing can be quite dusty, there’s no dancing around that one. Some companies try to claim that there will be no dust, and this is simply untrue – there will always be dust.

We are using large, heavy duty sanders to grind away at the top layer of your floor. These sanders are removing the layers of polyurethane, taking out stains, and removing scratches.

Our equipment has dust bags that catches the majority of dust, but the rest inevitably ends up in the air. Therefore we make good use of plastic. We plastic off entries and rooms where we are not working, as well as counter tops and appliances left in the room. And of course at the end of the job we pride ourselves in vacuuming  and cleaning up as much as reasonably possible.

We also remind our customers if they want another layer of protection against the dust issue, we offer a “dustless” service. The “dustless” service involves connecting vacuums to our sanders, preventing even more dust from escaping into the air.

What kind of polyurethane do I chose?

The two primary types of polyurethanes to choose from are oil based and water based.

Oil is more traditional and time tested. It is very durable and very rich in appearance. Oil is economical in price and most common. However, oil also has slower drying time and considerable fumes.

Water is more expensive, but it has quicker drying time and fewer fumes. You can also achieve different looks with water.

The option of staining your floor has also become very popular.

How do I maintain my new floor?

Traditional vacuuming and the use of a dry swifter are the best. It’s never good to apply heavy amounts of liquid to a hardwood floor. If after time your floors require something more, we recommend one of the Bona cleaners – they even come in a swifter jet now. We do not recommend any sort of wax product or anything that leaves a residue.

If you notice surface scratches on your floor over time, for a fraction of the cost of refinishing we can come in and buff and coat your floors. It will bring your floors back to life!

What about all of my furniture?

Typically we don’t get involved with the moving of the furniture. If it’s too much for the home owner to tackle, we recommend a moving company to remove and then return the furniture at the conclusion of the job. Anything that is on the floors being worked on will need to be removed in order for us to do our job.

Furniture can be returned as soon as 24 hours after the final coat is applied. New felt should be bought for all the furniture legs. When moving furniture it is crucial that you pick up and place furniture, avoiding any sliding for the first week. Polyurethane can take up to two weeks to reach its hardest point. This is why some customers prefer to wait a couple of days before even putting the furniture back.

Area rugs shouldn’t be returned for approximately two weeks after. This allows time for ultra-violet rays to reach the entire floor. Rugs may be placed before the recommended two weeks if they will be permanently kept in the same place.

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